About EQM

SOME Words About Us

Equilibre Monaco is a 360 creative agency located in the principality of Monaco. We have grown out of a background in the arts, and have used this artistic nature to pair it with the knowledge and technology of the digital age. Being ten years in the local Monaco environment, we know and understand how it works, and the best practices to tap into the market. We want to help businesses (in both Monaco and abroad) achieve greater worldwide impact. We can act as a bridge for your Monaco business to go global, or to promote international businesses in Monaco.

Equilibre Monaco-Digital advertising agencyOur team is international, bringing various cultures and views into the creative and digital processes. Our creative department includes a Harvard University degree in English writing and marketing, and an Award from Cannes Lions. Our programmer works in complex computer languages and has experience creating security systems for global banking websites. Our campaign managers are Google certified, assuring that your campaigns will be run efficiently and effectively with the most cost-effective results. Together, we put our skills, ideas, knowledge, and experience towards building the most effective projects for our clients. We works on a personal level, focusing our attention on your project and assuring that you are satisfied every step of the way.

We like to think of ourselves as a crossbreed between a creative and technical agency.

Technically-focused shops work the data and the numbers. They are focused on SEO, ROI, and lots of other three-letter acronyms. Don't get us wrong, this is extremely important and essential for your online presence. However, our purpose is to give you more than just numbers. Equilibre Monaco gives you the big idea behind your campaign and we implement it either in print or digitally. We shape the eloquent words that will engage and impress your clients, the stunning visuals that will pull their attention towards your print or digital ad. For us, it's about using our artistic ideas and implementing them on the necessary platforms to provide everything  you need to get your brand noticed in the highly-competitive and fast-moving world today.

Our 5-Step Process

  1. Define
    The first step before beginning any project is to define what you want to achieve from your brand presence
  2. Distill 
    We take the most important aspects of your goals and put them into our creative retort to develop a strategy
  3. Render 
    Using the ideas, we execute the strategy using our creative ideas combined with the best technological tools and platforms
  4. Scrutinize
    It all comes down to results. We comb through the data to see how effectively the strategy is working
  5. Adapt 
    We listen to what the data tells us, making changes until hitting the sweet spot of success