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21 Nov / 2017

Starting Your Digital Strategy

Where to Start?

As with any fast-moving industry, the rate of change and development often surpasses the rate of which we can understand and be knowledgeable about it. Businesses are aware that they need an online presence and digital strategy, but without the budget and resources to hire a brand-new tech-savvy department, how to start off on the right foot if you are keen to jump on board the speed train of digital marketing? Regardless if you are planning to go in-house, or outsource with an agency, you should start off by thinking about these three elements:

1. Who Do We Want to Talk to?

Just like in offline marketing, your target audience is important to focus on when developing your digital marketing strategy. The beauty of the digital world is that we are surrounded with data and information that can be used to better discover target audiences and shape content and strategy around them. Decide if you are preaching to the masses, or want to focus on a niche market. Think about the platforms that your target spends their time on, and what kind of language is most appropriate when talking to them. As you develop your strategy, this information will be essential to be sure that you are reaching your maximum potential.

2. What Do We Want From Our Digital Strategy?

There are many things that can be accomplished by having your business online, but depending on your end-goals, this affects which routes will be taken. It is important to lay out the objectives from the beginning so that everything works together to achieve these goals. Perhaps you want to have as many followers as possible on social media, or as much traffic as you can to your website; perhaps it is only conversions such as online sales you are interested in. All of these are possible, but remember to distinguish what you want from the beginning. Also keep in mind that digital marketing cannot work miracles: It is a way to showcase your brand and your business to the people who matter most, but you must maintain the level of value and service once they arrive in order to keep them coming back for more. 

3. How can we make our digital presence interesting?

In the end, everything comes down to the moment a viewer looks at your message. Are they interested to learn more? Have your provided a next step for them to take if they are? Simply posting a photo on Facebook without any call to action or reason for the image will not encourage audiences to take the next step. By knowing your audience, you can customize content that is relevant and appropriate for them. Think about what your company can offer offline, and tailor it to be visible online. What are the reasons customers should choose you over your competitors? Show them why you are different, and reflect this point of difference in everything your display digitally.

Once your have begun to establish these three elements, you are on the right path to establishing a successful online presence. From there you can begin to structure your social media platforms, optimize your website for search engine results, and begin advertising. It is an on-going process, but the rewards and benefits of a strong online presence will make you realize it was the smartest step you could have taken for your business.