5 Ways to Avoid Distraction in the Digital Age

Okay, well first things first: don’t get caught by click-bait (too late!). But now that I have your attention, let me ask you: do you know the story of Odysseus sailing through the water with the sirens? He knew how to protect himself and his crew from the irresistible call of the sirens. Hopefully, you too…
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5 Key Elements of Your Social Media Strategy

As the world becomes more and more connected digitally, it is no longer about if your company is on social media, but how are you getting the most out of what these platforms have to offer. This all comes down to recognizing the tools at hand, and optimizing your social media strategy to achieve the best possible results. Asking…
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The Evolution of Advertising

The rise in digital advertising doesn't mean the death of print, simply an amelioration. Over the past decade, there has been much worry and panic by traditional advertising agencies that digital technology will mean the end of everything they stand for, the destruction of TV and print ads as the world migrates towards their devices.…
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Starting Your Digital Strategy

Where to Start? As with any fast-moving industry, the rate of change and development often surpasses the rate of which we can understand and be knowledgeable about it. Businesses are aware that they need an online presence and digital strategy, but without the budget and resources to hire a brand-new tech-savvy department, how to start…
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